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  • Recently I went and saw the movie Collateral Beauty and it caused me to pause and reflect on what my collateral beauty is, especially after losing Grant.  I thought I would share with you what it is since you have all become a part of my collateral beauty in life. What is your collateral beauty [...]


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    Patient:RD Ratios

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    Any new data other than 1:65 and 1:35 in ICU populations? Also, how many does that translate into on ...

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    The ASPEN membership is a lot more than ASPEN Net so reconsider!!  And as part of your section, I am ...

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    I completely agree! I don't plan on using Linkedin. ASPENET was great, ASPEN Connect OK, but too ...

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    ASPENet used to be free for ASPEN members and non-members. It was a bustling, resourceful listserv ...